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Jeff Arballo

Shot by Robson Machado

U.S Open of surfing. For over 10 years I've been doing the Judges replay camera for the WSL formally ASP. Here are a few shots of the U.S Open of surfing in Huntington Beach California. I have to bring in the camera every morning, we don't keep the gear in the judge's tower because of the moister in the room can ruin the gear overnight, so I'm always looking for an easy way to transport the camera monitor and accessories to and from the parking lot. After seeing this bag and knowing I can leave most of the camera set up, I was sold. I also worked on a documentary called SCRAMBLE THE SEAWOLVES, which was picked up by NETA, to be aired nationally on PBS. I used the bag for some of our final shoots as well, I didn't get any pictures from those shoots with the bag but I will on our next documentary on Track and Field, which we just started shooting. Love the bag it is so convenient to leave the camera set up, pull it out if the bag and start shooting immediately. Thank you for making a great bag and please continue the great work. I have a few more picks with the bag but it would only let me download 1. Thank you, Jeff Arballo