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Ramon Fregoso

Shot by Ramon Fregoso

Here is my Airport Security V2.0 ready for my trip to Peruvian Amazon. There are two bodies with grip, several lenses: 600mm f/4, 200-400mm, 15mm, 1.4x TC, 2x TC, 105mm micro, 16-35mm, set of extension tubes, one speedlight, flash bracket, macro flashes (3 strobes, controller, mount ring, and diffusers) 1 Quantum battery pack, 5 77mm filters each in a case, 1 Phottix remote and the receiver, 1 lightning detector, 2 Hidrophobia 300-600, 1 Emergency Rain Cover medium, 4 pro camera batteries, 4 camera batteries, 20 AA, 20 RC123a, 15 AAA batteries, 10 memory cards, cables and more stuff (rings, adapters, etc.) Total weight: over 56 lbs. Plus an Urban Disguise 60 with four more lenses and stuff. Light traveling!