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Ellis Vener

Shot by Ellis Vener Photography

Packing up for a nine day corporate location assignment, these are the lights I am bringing: 3x Paul C. Buff, Inc. Einstein E640 monolights and a DigiBee 800, along with three TTL controlled Adorama Flashpoint monolights: an XPLOR 600 HSS, XPLOR 600 Pro, and an eVOLV 200. Also in this case? A remote head and AC power source for the XPLOR 600 HSS TTL, an extra battery for the XPLOR 600 Pro, the bare tube head (with a 5-inch reflector for the eVOLVE 200, background scoop reflectors for the Buff lights, and two small Logistic Manager bags , one with Flashpoint 2 remotes, and the other with PocketWixard MultiMan V2 transceivers and MC2 receivers for the Einsteins. All of this in a Thinktank Photo Logistic Manager Case.