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Jon Patrick Hyde

Shot by Selfie

I work as a commercial photographer but the majority of the time I am engaged in working as a photojournalist for the companies that hire me. I never leave my studio without my Think Tank Photo belt and harness system. In the past two months I've shot triathlons (for the bicycle sponsor), cultural events (for the event sponsor), rodeos (for one of the event sponsors), karate tournaments (for the organizational sponsor), and I've done green screen studio shoots for actresses, actors, and musicians. The Think Tank Belt & Accessories (lens cases & accessories pack) keep everything I need at the ready so I don't miss a shot. The Pixel Racing Harness provides the support and safety I require for peace of mind that the investment I've made in my gear is always protected from a fall. I absolutely love the thought that went into the design of these items and the quality is simply second to none. Think Tank Photo is my first and only go-to source for quality field carrying and organization gear.