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Drew Selman

Shot by Crystal Brewer

ST LOUIS (10-03-2011) -- Principle Photographer, Drew Selman, sets up the opening shot with the pace rider for the 75 mile ride at the 2011 Pedal the Cause in St. Louis. Selman and his team of 3 photographers and 3 assistants covered the three day event that covered a 75 mile course through St. Louis City and County. "It is both the most exhausting and most exhilarating three days we do all year," said Selman. "Thanks to my staff and great gear, we are able to stay in the game the whole way through." The ride has now completed two years and this year raised over $1.325 million for cancer research. As a result of contributions from corporate donors, 100 percent of the proceeds raised go to funding research at the Siteman Cancer Center and the St. Louis Children's Hospital.