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Jack Kurtz

Shot by Jack Kurtz

To the question of how much stuff will an Airport Ultralight hold the answer is a lot. From top of bag going clockwise: Pixel Pocket Rocket and PeeWee Pixel Pocket Rocket, 5D Mark II with grip, 2nd 5D Mark II with grip, 28mm-135mm zoom, Canon 430EX (on top) below it is a 580 EX II, center of bag AA charger, 270EX flash, 5D Mark I (no grip), 200mm f2.8, along side (top of frame) ef1.4X with 100 f2 below it, 28mm f1.8 with 50mm f1.4 below it, ST-E2 wireless controller with 20mm f2.8 below it, another Pixel Pocket Rocket and stofen omni bounce for 580EX II. Taken at San Francisco airport enroute Bangkok to work on stories about climate change for ZUMA Press. (Chargers, batteries and notebooks are in the lid.)