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Shot by Andrea Wilkins

I have been hearing about Mindshift camera bags from my friend, camera store owner & photography instructor, Christopher, who has a few Mindshift bags. He takes them on many photography workshops all over the world. I trust Christopher & his opinions on gear! But I was a little hesitant to purchase this bag because of the price & didn’t know if it would hold my gear. I have other bags but none of them really work for my needs. One doesn’t hold enough equipment & the other one is super bulky. I’m heading to Alaska for work and will have a few days to enjoy the scenery & outdoors! I needed a new bag that will hold my equipment & a few other travel items since this will be the 1st time traveling by plane with more than a body & one lens. I stopped by Christopher’s store today and actually put my hands on the variety of bags by Mindshift. I didn’t bring my gear but his staff let me try out the Backlight 18L bag with items like mine! It all fit!!! I’m not a professional but working on it! 😊 I don’t carry tons of gear but I was impressed that I was able to put 2 Canon bodies, a 50mm, a 16-300mm AND a 150-600mm with room left over for my camera straps!!! I bought the bag and I think it will be perfect for traveling!! I will let you guys know how the trip goes with my new bag! Oh did I mention it’s green, my favorite color!!!!!! Nice job Mindshift!!!! Andrea Wilkins