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Jeff Wang

Shot by Jeff Wang

I LOVE Think Tank's Digital Holsters (and I have used ALL of the other brands' holsters before). I have three V1.0 and three V2.0 holsters. Since the V2.0 holsters include a side attachment system with loop and cinch strap, I convert these to attach a travel-sized tripod as shown in the photo (tripod is a Vanguard carbon fiber) by looping Velcro through the side attachment loop, and the tripod is tightly secured to the side of the Digital Holster. When is V3.0 of the Digital Holsters coming out? It has been 3+ years since V2.0 came out. The "Website Link" that I entered references my Amazon review of the DH 30 V2.0 that I wrote in 2010. When V3.0 comes out, I would like to see two improvements: (1) Add an extra cinch strap above the side attachment loop (so one cinch strap at the bottom and one on top) so I can attach a small tripod more easily, and (2) replace the V2.0 lid's accessory pocket's Velcro closure with the clear see-through pocket used on V1.0 (the use of a zipper on the V1.0 lid's inside pocket lets me open it FAR more discreetly than the loud obnoxious Velcro sound when I open the V2.0 lid's inside pocket, and this can be an issue in shooting environments where you want to be quiet, discreet, and not draw attention to yourself (e.g. during wedding ceremonies or while shooting wildlife))