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MindShift UltraLight 25L

Shot by Jonny Miller, JonnyBadGood Productions - Dallas, TX

I know this is the Think Tank site, but this felt worth sharing. I was gifted the MindShift FirstLight 20L by my some of the best people I know (who just so happen to be Think Tank employees) last August for a trip to Yellowstone. Great bag. I fall hard for anything Think Tank. However, I recently ‘stole’ the MindShift UltraLight 25L for a 6 day hiking, sleeping, all things photography and drinking trip to Zion in June. I feel like I haven’t taken it off since. Photo taken at the top of Angel’s Landing in Zion National Park. 5 miles round trip with a 1,500 ft elevation gain, 21 switchbacks and reaching an altitude of 5,790 ft.