Glenn Guan is an award winning photojournalist with a knack of taking action shots for sports and news.

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Glenn Guan | Photojournalist

I am an award winning photojournalist based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

It may be surprising to some that I started off as a self-taught photographer who is experienced in the field of Information & Technology.

What started off as curiosity towards photography led to a life which cannot be lived without it.

Photography has become my passion, my love — my existence.

I express my love for the beauty of colour and light through it.

I don't just take photographs, I capture moments through my camera lenses that almost never leaves me.

I have particular interest in obtaining perfection in action shots especially for sporting and news events.

My work as a photojournalist & Assistant Chief Photographer with Malaysia’s largest English daily — The Star — allows me to cover almost every topic in modern photography.

I constantly keep to my mantra of being humble and keen towards a never ending learning journey of creativity and imagination.

I believe skills, proper composition as well as exposure, and perhaps a little bit of luck (to catch the perfect moment) makes an ordinary shot into an extraordinary one.